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Praise for Duck and Cover


"A set of stories about kids in a seemingly wholesome small town that’s tinged with darkness.

". . . . Elliott writes with a supple, naturalistic style that’s also psychologically rich . . . . The result is a vivid evocation of postwar America that’s both halcyon and haunted.

 “A sometimes-luminous, sometimes-mordant collection that undercuts its nostalgia with complex ironies.”



“Elliott perfectly captures Chicago suburban life in the 50's and 60's from the perspective of the kids, triggering waves of memories for me. He mines the culture—Beatlemania, Riverview, baseball-card collecting, the Chicago mob, and the ever-present bomb threats—to explore darker themes as well as celebrate the innocence, resourcefulness, and bravado that marked our generation.”

—LINDA BUBON, co-founder of the Women & Children First bookstore


“The stories resonate with that dual mushroom cloud of the Cold War and that perennial war of teenage self-emergence. The interplay of the personal and the political informs and enlivens the collection, bringing a poignant immediacy that has an eerie déjà vu quality of a requiem to what once was and is no more.”

—MICHAEL COLLINS, award-winning novelist; author of The Keepers of Truth, shortlisted for the 2000 Booker Prize  




Will They Survive the Sixties?

The kids of Milford live in the greatest age ever. They have hula hoops, Stingray bikes, Willie Mays, Betty Crocker, Atlas rockets, Disneyland, the Beatles, and free love. Life is fabulous! 

But if you look closer, you see they are shadowed by dangers—the dark undercurrents of a changing world. Commies and nukes, suspicious neighbors and predatory adults, the Mob and the Draft.

How will the kids of Milford navigate the ecstasies and furies of their era while coping with the universal mysteries of growing up?


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