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Praise for Runners on Running


"Runners on Running is a masterpiece of its kind. The editor, Rich Elliott, clearly knows a great deal about the history and legends of his sport, and he possesses a keen eye for top quality writing. This anthology will appeal to runners of all ages and of all skill levels, but it should appeal as well to non-runners who enjoy reading about the trials and triumphs of the human spirit."   — Peter Kaye, author, book reviewer, runner


"I wanted to shout out to all runners to get this book now! For younger and active runners, there is abundant wisdom and inspiration to propel your running career. The book may be even more fun for the aging former runners in the crowd. Some of the stories are fun. Some of them bring a tear to your eye. All of them are worth reading now!" — Rich Bohn, publisher, president of


"Runners on Running, a collection of thirty-two essays, will resonate with all those who with grit and passion, heart and spirit, have struggled to reach a goal and found themselves in doing so." — Robert McCray, writer and masters runner



Runners on Running is the ultimate anthology of inspirational stories, humorous accounts, and pivotal moments in the sport. This one-of-a-kind collection includes over 30 unforgettable stories from the most acclaimed writers in running:

• John Brant

• Amby Burfoot

• Don Kardong

• Sally Jenkins

• Pam Reed

• Hal Higdon

• Rachel Toor

• Kenny Moore

• Kathrine Switzer  

• Marla Runyan

• Frank Murphy

• Roger Hart

• Marc Bloom  

• and more . . .

The pieces encompass the full range of the running experience, from motivation to frustration to exhilaration. The stories brilliantly capture the essence of the sport.   


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