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Below are links to a few samples of Rich Elliott's sports articles.


"My 1968"

                                  For the Fall 2018 issue of Sport Literate magazine, Elliott wrote a personal essay about what it was                                   like chasing a national record during one tumultous year a half century ago.

                                  Click here to read the essay.


                                 "How Hungarians Launched America's Greatest Track Era"

                                  For the Jan/Feb 2014 issue of Running Times magazine Elliott wrote a feature article about the                                   great coach Mihaly Igloi and the revolution he brought to American distance running in the 1960s.

                                 Click here to read the article.


                                  "Write Your Race"

                                  For the December 2014 issue of Running Times magazine Elliott wrote an article about how writing                                   can you with the mental game of distance running.

                                  Click here to read the article.


                                "You May Say I'm a Dreamer"

                                 Elliott wrote a personal essay for the "This I Believe" organization. In the past

                                "This I Believe" was a regular feature on National Public Radio. 

                                Click here to read the essay.


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"Forever Young"

As a child in Poland, Ida Mintz hid in her attic to escape the progrom terrorizing her community. She never learned to run and jump like other children. All the more remarkable, therefore, when Ida, in her seventies, began setting age-group world records in the marathon.  

"The Brotherhood"

Jeff Bailey, a top Chicago-area high school runner, was looking forward to a big summer of running before his senior year. Then he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Thus began his stirring battle to beat cancer and race in the state track meet. In the end what got him through, more than anything else, was the group of guys he shared so many miles with.

"Get Back in the Game"

Each year thousands of runners give up the sport they love, the victims of blown-out knees from miles of pounding on the roads. Some of these runners, unwilling to switch to another sport, let their inner athlete die and slowly become grumpy old men. I was almost one of them. Then I found my way to cycling.

"A Whole New Ballgame"

In October 1984, Steve Jones, a lesser-known trackman from Wales, set the world record for the marathon. He did it by breaking some of the biggest rules in marathoning.

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